About ATI Energia LLC

ATI ENERGIA, a division of ATI Companies LLC

ATI Energia is division of Ambient Technologies, Inc. who has been in business for 18 years offering geo- sciences services and subsurface layers evaluations and surveys to the environmental, geotechnical, civil engineering companies and general contractors.
Ambient Technologies, Inc. (ATI) with its subsidiaries ATI Drilling and Contracting, Inc., GeoView, Inc., ATI Surveying & Mapping LLC and ATI Energia, is a multidisciplinary and diversified group that offers geotechnical, geophysical, environmental, surveying and mapping services and energy generation and conservation services throughout Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Central America and the Caribbean.

Our Mission

Our mission is to sell, design and install solar energy systems, solutions and applications throughout the s.e. United States and export solar energy technologies and know-how to Central America and the Caribbean regions.  

Our Markets

    1. Back-up Solar Power Systems for Commercial,  Small Industries and Homes.
    2. Solar Powered Units for Engineering and Scientific Field Studies 
    3. Solar Power Trailers for Construction Sites 
    4. Community Solar Systems for Isolated Populations in Developing Countries 
    5. Solar Powered Submersible Pumps for Irrigation and Drinking Water 
    6. Replacement of Diesel / Gasoline Powered Electrical Generation 
    7.  Car Ports and Storage Sheds as Power Generation Units

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