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ATI Solar Lounge

The concept is a totally stand alone solar powered system, a unique Solar Powered Home Trailer which can operate totally “off the grid”.

The main characteristics include:

    1.Solar PV array that will generate 1.5 KW hours consistently with Storage Battery back-up system 
       (installed PV = 175 W x 10 = 1.75 KW).
    2.New Inverter Technology that provide “automated Balancing of the system” including PV, Batteries, Load 
       and the public Grid.
    3.System Design that allows to show how the various electronics in a home can operate 24 hours “totally 
       independent” of the Electric Grid.
    4.AC outlets and general functionality is the same as any home served by TECO, FPL, Progress Energy or any other Electric Utility.

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